Come join Ena and the tribe, for a Meditation & Breath Practice

Cultivate and awaken divine essence on the breath, grounding in the present moment.

Meditations are offered 2x a week – MF – from 8:45 – 9:15am Pacific

Monday sessions focused on the wisdom of presence along with a guided meditation. Friday sessions are open for a brief Q & A along with a guided meditation. The last Friday of the month will be an extended session for Q & A and for further support within the group

Recordings are provided for those who may need to miss sessions.

Subscription is month to month

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Portal to PresenceA

Why do we meditate?

Meditation is conscious awareness in the moment. We cultivate detachment while observing what is, now. As we ride the waves of the breath we watch and observe what arises in our minds, especially when we are triggered or emotionally reactive to circumstances of life. As we cultivate the practice of awareness, we detach from our addiction to incessant thinking, which perpetuates the patterns of fear, anxiety, attachment to our stories and identification with the false self. The mind becomes quieter and quieter. We feed the stories of the ego less and less. Presence is more accessible to us, which is the source of the fountain of life, springing forth within each one of us.

No matter how new or seasoned we are to the practice of meditation, when we are aware of inner stillness, presence, the energy of being, each moment is always new. When we return to the breath, we create more spaciousness within the mind for Presence to be the guiding light of wisdom.

When I align awareness with the breath, I accept the invitation to be fully here, in the moment. Presence is alive within this moment, for it is all we truly have. Everything else is a conceptual story of the past or the future.

– Ena Vie