Heart of Devotion

Heart of Devotion


Od Yavo
Sri Krishna
Twa Meva

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      • Gary Goldberg IN THE SPIRIT radio WRPI-91.5 FM www.wrpi.org November 25, 2020

        Listening to these songs inspires a deep feeling of Bhakti or divine love. Earth Prayer is a love song of healing for our planet. Beautifully inspired and uplifting. — Gary Goldberg IN THE SPIRIT radio WRPI-91.5 FM http://www.wrpi.org

        • Keala November 25, 2020

           Heart of Devotion, has gorgeous vocal layering of Ena Vie’s unique take on traditional Sanskrit chants, such as her lush rendition of the poetic Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu (may everyone everywhere be happy and free) in “Loka” and her lyrical invocation to the remover of obstacles in “Ganesha.” The repetition of shanti, the Sanskrit word for peace, is featured in “Od Yavo.”

          This isn’t a kirtan album, per se, but it will appeal to lovers of the kirtan genre as well as those unfamiliar with the form who will be drawn in by Ena Vie’s expressive and melodic voice. Her delivery of the mantras reveals her years of musical and meditative and Yogic practice in the deep expressive love inherent in her music.

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