From Within

From Within


Debut Album From Within from Artist Ena Vie

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    singer/songwriter, poet, guitarist, artist and nomad, ena s message and presence is powerfully evocative. born and raised in laguna beach, ca, ena was infused with a deep connection to the elements which she seamlessly weaves throughout her music, art and life. finding inspiration in cultures, traditions, poetry, music, ceremony, the landscape of this planet along with the wisdom of the elders and their medicine, ena dances through life with her feet on the ground and her face to the sun, moon and stars. a mystical storyteller, ena s lyrics are introspective and experiential while simultaneously reflecting the freedom, joy and love in all of us. ena s music and presence exudes this as well. traveling and living in many countries, ena has performed in a variety of bands and genres. her music expresses this mosaic of influences ranging from rock, blues, pop and folk to indigenous beats and traditional chants.

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      • Bree Noble – Women of Substance Radio November 25, 2020

        Ena Vie skillfully blends pop, acoustic, new age and chant music to create powerful melodies dressed in soothing harmonies. Her lyrical message of unity embeds itself in the listener’s mind, body & soul.”

        Bree Noble – Women of Substance Radio

        • Gary Goldberg – In The Spirit Radio November 25, 2020

          “Ena Vie exudes warmth and generosity and her music makes my spirit fly. Great songs sung with full passion…on her debut album FROM WITHIN.”  — Gary Goldberg – In The Spirit Radio

          • Martin Dunkerton -Creation Films November 25, 2020

            “Ena’s music is divine nectar.  I love her soulful lyrics and heartfelt powerful compositions, perfect for my movie.”

            Martin Dunkerton – Creation Films

            • LB Productions November 25, 2020

              Her debut, From Within, is filled with biographical songs with wide appeal, and it gets even better with time. LB Productions

              • Felicia M. Tomasko November 25, 2020

                Her musical talent combines years of developing skillful singer-songwriter chops with an attitude of love and exploration. In her singer-songwriter infused album From Within, tunes like “Down that Road” combine a catchy melody with inviting lyrics that ask us to question what we’re seeking and how we’re finding it. She sings, “You’ve been down that road; you know where it ends; that’s not where you want to be and now it all depends on you to accept the lead…Take my hand and we’ll discover more.” Ena Vie delivers on this promise.

                –– Reviewed by Felicia M. Tomasko

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