About Us

Ena Vie and Howard Lipp have been on the path of healing, recovery and awakening for over 25 years. They left everything behind to discover their purpose and truth outside of their cultural, familial and personal belief systems. They each searched the world for a renewed and authentic connection to source on their journey of healing. They majored in the school of life. They studied with elders and wisdom teachers in human, animal and plant form to deepen their understanding and integrate their discoveries. It was through these portals that they found the keys to the deeper wisdom found in Kabbalah, Taoism, Consciousness, Plant Medicine, Shamanism and Music. 

Ena Vie holds a BA in English from UCLA and an MA in Indigenous Science from Naropa University. 

Howard Lipp holds a BS in Computer Engineering and is working towards a Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology.

If you ever find someone brave and powerful enough to walk with you directly through your unconscious wounds and shadow-caves, someone with the stupefying courage to see through the chinks of your armor and then help you take it off – love them for they have done something for you which is impossible to do alone. They will show you the treasure you’ve been seeking all of your life, and they can do that because they are not afraid of your fear.

Jacob Nordby